Employment tax fraud in the haulage sector. Click here to read our updated article on the haulage tax minefield. Fraud involving the tax status of lorry drivers is becoming a serious concern for the transport and logistics sector, according to the Road Haulage Association (RHA).Jun 29, 2017 drivers could be paid the RHA/HMRC overnight allowance free of tax insurance contributions when sleeping in their lorry cabs overnight, .Sep 16, 2017 The HMRC have provided guidance on the application of overnight allowances for lorry drivers. The original guidance is in the form of web .beta This part of GOV.UK is being rebuilt – find out what beta means Tax treatment of lorry drivers: subsistence allowances paid to lorry drivers: approved amount. Where the Year ended, Payment per night 31 December 2013, £34.90.

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  1. Nov 12, 2013 Overnight AllowancesDay Allowances. Normal Rate, Reduced Rate, Detention Rate, 10 hours or more, 5-10 Hours. Class A *, €108.99, € .HMRC now requires employers to obtain proof of purchases from drivers as a pre-condition for the payment of overnight subsistence allowances. This is part of the requirement to have Checking Systems in place to govern the payment of Scale Rate allowances.Nov 9, 2016 Subsistence: lorry drivers overnight allowance. Print The rate is £34.90 for the years ended 31/12/2013 - 31/12/2016, and £33.85 for the year .The mere fact that a lorry has a sleeper cab does not is satisfied that the driver did incur expenses on overnight accommodation and meals. 2013 and still current is £34.90 or £26.20 if the driver .

  2. Overnight allowance update HMRC remains insistent that, from April 2017, hauliers must carry out random sample checks that drivers are incurring expense, in order to make payments.Travel Subsistence and Overnight Expenses - There are special allowances for lorry drivers who regularly travel and are away overnight.Where the conditions in EIM66105 are met, the following amounts should be accepted as doing no more than reimburse the expenses of accommodation and subsistence in the United Kingdom.Instead of creaming off our night out money, if they want to concentrate on drivers and nights out, sort out the inadequate and atrocious, parking with facilities situation instead. [zb] Tory arse wipes.!.

  3. Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs have increased the maximum tax-free allowance that can be paid to drivers for nights out. The Drivers’ Overnight Subsistence Allowance for the drivers of heavy goods vehicles with sleeper cabs is now £26.20, a rise of 80p, while those with sleeper cabs get an extra £1.05 to £34.90.Nov 8, 2017 HMRC has published new guidance on the overnight subsistence allowance for lorry drivers. As an employer, you can either reimburse your .HMRC change to overnight allowance (September 2016) HMRC has said that, with effect from April 2017, two new requirements will be imposed on hauliers.Travel Subsistence and Overnight Expenses - There are special allowances for lorry drivers who regularly travel and are There is a tax-free allowance on claiming subsistence for the night. 31 December 2013 and onwards, £34.90, £26.20.

According to figures in its manual, HMRC currently allows lorry drivers to be paid £34.90 per night as a tax-free subsistence allowance when spending the night away from home. Where the lorry has a sleeper cab which the driver uses overnight, this figure drops.Lorry driver overnight subsistence allowance - changes from 6 April 2017 11/04/2017 From 6 April 2017, HMRC changed the way that the lorry driver overnight subsistence allowance works (for more detail see HMRC Employment Income Manual document EIM66130.Overnight subsistence allowances for lorry drivers. 20 April 2017. Changes to overnight subsistence allowances paid to lorry drivers mean an approval notice now has to be applied for to continue paying the Industry Scale.Drivers without a sleeper cab would, with immediate effect, receive a tax-free allowance of £34.90, up by £1.05 on the previous year, while those with a sleeper cab would have theirs increased by 80p to £26.20. However, just a few days later, the success of the increases was clouded by another statement from the RHA, which revealed it was discussing with the HMRC a review of the 20-year-old.

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